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Associate Director

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Kathleen Lowe
Marriage & Family

Rhonda Beaupre
Marriage & Family

Miles Meason

Amy King
We are excited to Welcome
Gretchen Fair, Dr. Heather Bean & Jennifer Weise
to our practice!

Kate Ellard
Social Worker

Jackie Philipps
Social Worker

John Richardson

Lisa Moffitt
  • Jennifer offers individual
    & couples counseling,
    parenting issues, and
    working with children 12
    and younger

  • Specializes in grief
    counseling for adults and

  • Passion for working with
    children and parents;
    ADHD/ADD, Anxiety,
    School behavior, lying,
    stealing, parenting strong-
    willed children

  • Offers evening  and
    Saturday appointments

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Jennifer Weise, LPC

Jennifer Weise
Have you lost the balance of life?
Are you the person you hoped you would be?

Is your life not what you imagined?
Are you struggling in your attempts to meet your wellness & weight loss goals?

Would you like to explore the mental blocks that keep you from achieving your wellness goals?
Are you and emotional eater?

I assist clients in managing the emotional impact of chronic health issues and making positive behavior changes to improve health and overall quality of life.

I offer walk and talk therapy which combines exercise with individual coaching or therapy. Walk and talk therapy is a great way to reduce depression, anxiety and stress while
discussing your issues and concerns in a beautiful, tranquil setting. You determine the pace and how far we walk during any given session. Walk and talk sessions provide a wonderful
alternative to the traditional office setting and is suitable for adolescents, and adults.

New moms especially love the convenience and practicality of walk and talk sessions. Bring your baby in the stroller as we walk together discussing your concerns. Regardless of your
baby’s moods or disposition, we will deal with it together. Never underestimate the power of compassion, empathy and support during a stressful and challenging time in your life.

You may choose walk and talk therapy to address:
•  Weight loss blocks; reasons for overeating
•   Mild or moderate depression/post-partum depression  
•   Adjusting to new baby
•   Anxiety/panic attacks
•   Separation/divorce recovery
•   Relationship or family issues
•   Parenting, step-parenting, co-parenting after divorce
•  Career or workplace issues
•  ADD issues including time management; distractions; impulsivity; clutter; disorganization

You deserve to feel better and function more effectively now. Pursuing therapy is a courageous move, proving that you value yourself enough to achieve a better quality of life. I
commend you for that and look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to my practice.
  • Dr. Heather Bean provides
    individual counseling for
    adolescents and adults as
    well as couples counseling

  • Specializes in couples
    counseling & life

  • Enjoys working with
    adolescents &

  • Experienced in
    psychological assessments,
    substance abuse and mood

  • Offers evening

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Dr. Heather Bean, PhD
  • Gretchen offers individual
    & couples counseling

  • Specializes in mood
    disorders, parenting
    concerns, trauma & sexual

  • Passion for working with
    individuals who have
    experienced trauma,  
    domestic violence and
    sexual abuse

  • Enjoys assisting couples
    work through
    relationship issues

  • Offers evening

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Gretchen Fair, LCSW

Gretchen Fair
Social Worker

Dr. Heather Bean
Welcome to our website.  Here you will find brief introductions to twelve psychotherapists who are
colleagues in the group practice I founded in 2000.  Clients come to us through word of mouth, on referral
from physicians,faith leaders, and other community resources.  For thirteen years we have been entrusted
by a number of employers as the sole employee assistance counseling program for their employees.  These
employers include The City of Longmont, Longmont United Hospital, St. Vrain Valley School District and
MicroMotion.   Among us we have a broad range of expertise and special interests.

Krupnick Counseling Associates is a group of experienced, licensed mental health professionals in
Longmont.  We work with a broad range of clients and a wide variety of problems.  Working together as a
team helps us assure that new clients will see the best possible therapist for their particular problem and
situation.  Our clients benefit from our ability to work with other colleagues, and we are fortunate to have
two consulting psychiatrists in our office whose perspectives and expertise are often invaluable.

We see clients Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM through 8:00 PM and on Saturday mornings.  We strive to
schedule initial appointments within three days, or sooner in cases of crisis.

Our efficient office and billing staff will make sure potential clients know what their insurance will cover
and what their co-pay will be when seeing one of our therapists.
Highlight on Wellness, Wellness goals and Walk & Talk Therapy