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All of our Krupnick Counseling Associates work with Adults for individual counseling.  
Several of our therapists  also specialize in therapy for couples, children and adolescents.

Heidi Ardern
Associate Director

Richard Jones

Kathleen Lowe
Marriage & Family

Rhonda Beaupre
Marriage & Family

Amy King

Kate Ellard
Social Worker

Jackie Philipps
Social Worker

John Richardson

Lisa Moffitt

Jennifer Weise

Gretchen Fair
Social Worker

Dr. Heather Bean
Welcome to our website.  Here you will find brief
introductions fifteen psychotherapists who are
colleagues in the group practice I founded in 2000.  
Clients come to us through word of mouth, on referral
from physicians,faith leaders, and other community
resources.  For fifteen years we have been entrusted by a
number of employers as the sole employee assistance
counseling program for their employees.  These
employers include The City of Longmont, Longmont
United Hospital, St. Vrain Valley School District and
MicroMotion.   Among us we have a broad range of
expertise and special interests.

Krupnick Counseling Associates is a group of
experienced, licensed mental health professionals in
Longmont.  We work with a broad range of clients and a
wide variety of problems.  Working together as a team
helps us assure that new clients will see the best
possible therapist for their particular problem and
situation.  Our clients benefit from our ability to work
with other colleagues, and we are fortunate to have two
consulting psychiatrists in our office whose perspectives
and expertise are often invaluable.

We see clients Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM
through 8:00 PM and on Saturday mornings.  We strive
to schedule initial appointments within five days, or
sooner in cases of crisis.

Our efficient office and billing staff will make sure
potential clients know what their insurance will cover
and what their co-pay will be when seeing one of our

Karen Schweihs
Couples Counseling provided by:
Child Therapy for children 10 and under provided by:
Therapy for preteen children 11-12 years provided by:
Therapy for adolescents 13-18 years provided by:

Connie North
Marriage & Family

Emily Karlicek
Kate Ellard is offering appointments in our
new Gunbarrel/Boulder location

at 5412 Idylwild Trail, Boulder, Colorado 80301
Do you want to manage that "hair trigger" you have when you are
with your kids or at work? Do you want to make a change in your life,
but feel like old fears are getting in the way? Do you, as parents, want
to feel less overwhelmed by the big job of parenting? These are some of
the issues that I can help you with. Through 20 years of experience &
continuous education, humor, and curious compassion, I would be
honored to assist.

In an easy-going atmosphere I mostly use EMDR and CBT. "EMDR"
is a well researched, simple therapy that has excellent results. It helps
people move through stuck places; and can put the past behind you
without having to "talk out" all the details from that past. Includes
Mindfulness work.
"CBT" or Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is a long-standing style
where we identify typical negative thought patterns in your life, and
practice new patterns of thought and behavior to displace those
negative ones. And, I always include Mindfulness training - so you
have tools to manage your nervous system 24/7.  Kate looks forward
to hearing from you.